Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update July 16-21

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Jul 16-21
Beat the drum slowly and play the fife lowly. We find Ambridge in sombre mood this week with a distraught Shula having to find a way to deal with a tragedy that will darken so many lives.
There are other tensions. Jill’s new foes the Duxford Divas move into the limelight, Peggy and Christine get ratty, Matt and Justin have a bit of a barney and Anisha has a confrontation with Rex. The inaugural partnership meeting at Home Farm goes just as well as anything that places Ruth and Brian in the same room could and the Grundys are put under pressure.
In the middle of all this woe someone from the past returns to Ambridge bringing comfort to some and worry to others.

Thanks to maggiesaes from the Bowman board