Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update July 21 - 26

Clarrie puts her apron over her head and has a little weep as she prepares, yet again to pack up the Grundy’s battered brass candlesticks and move home. It will not be the only sorrow for a Grundy this week as an angry confrontation leads Will into deep, deep trouble.
Up at Greenacres, a little light lifts the gloom when a neighbour manages to coax Jim to take a few steps along the road to recovery.
Jazzer, however, still broods away, and there’s more trouble up at Bridge Farm, where Tom’s lackadaisical attitude to the pigs fuels another family feud.


Oh good, a family feud! I’d look forward to it more if I didn’t suspect it’ll be Helen whinging about Tom and the rest of the family taking her side.

I’d so much rather the new cheese was a total flop, raising questions about Helen’s net contribution to the business, given the enormous investment in those ruddy cows and the general drain she is on everyone’s energy.