Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update July 29-Aug 3

Harrison’s got form! Chris uncovers something in PC Burns’s past that the groom would prefer not to share with the rest of Ambridge.
Other clouds will gather over the coming nuptials as Borsetshire’s finest and the men of Ambridge mingle, uneasily, for Harrison’s stag night.
Shula has some bad news to deliver to Lower Loxley, but her woeful tidings will be nothing compared to the barrel of trouble rolling toward the Pargetter ancestral home.
Alistair, who’s been kicking at the stable door, ready to bolt, makes a dreadful mistake, while the arrival of a visitor to Ambridge puts his estranged wife in a frisky mood.
Shadows also fall across Roy and Lexi’s relationship, and Emma finds herself - thanks to Susan’s meddling - accused of corruption.

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