Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update July 30-Aug 4

The most frugal of us will be wondering if that outfit purchased for Tom and Kirsty’s wedding might do for Lilian’s nuptials. Frankly the way things are going that outfit might yet again go back unstained into the wardrobe. Lilian’s feet as we all suspected are getting cold as her feelings for Matt rekindle.
And what a busy boy Matt is these days as he spins his dark web trying to entrap Anisha and Latif while putting the bite on Alistsair and enraging Shula.
Roy meanwhile warms to another Ambridger and things heat up around the pickers’ caravans as Adam installs CCTV. Tempers flare at the parish council meeting, a PA system failure threatens the fete and Harrison and Fallon hold their breath over Woodbine.

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Whatever she’s wearing, one hopes it will be throughout her and J’s wedding and not in some quite ridiculous last minute elopement of Ambridge’s very own ancient tart, to the idiotic Matt.

Though I wouldn’t put anything past the present shower running TA.


Eh, Matt and Justin have the real emotional spark - maybe they’ll elope. You heard it here first. (And last.)