Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update June 1-4

It looks like it’s going to be clippers at dawn as Edd and Jazzer ready themselves for a sheep shearing battle. The two of them are dab hands at this tricky job, and are gaining a reputation the length and breadth of Borsetshire for their deft work around the nether regions.
While they prepare their instruments, Emma cooks up a storm in the Tea Room while also trying to keep George and Kiera’s interrupted education on track. This tricky teaching is made all the harder - and many a parent will sympathise here - by Keira keeping a key piece of information from Emma.
Ben, champing at the bit about the restrictions on his life, noses around Brookfield and finds a path to Jill’s past.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


“Village hairdresser’s still closed…”

Oh dear, no. Even in the Daily Mail.