Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Mar 17-22

Oh, joy! Russ the sullen cradle-snatcher, is being coaxed into an Easter Bunny outfit as beleaguered Lower Loxley rescue team struggle to get money in the coffers ahead of Freddie’s return form the slammer.
It’s all going on over at Brookfield where the round-the-clock activity is putting the silver-haired Leonard off his stroke, while over at Bridge Farm, the Montbéliardes are edgy, and everyone’s worried about Helen.
Peggy hopes to bring a bit of peace to Ambridge as she tries to reconcile Alice and Kate, then Alan delivers news for Pip and Toby that leaves them all red-faced.
Meanwhile,Pat tries to shake off her growing unease. Why? With the dark force currently controlling Ambridge, unease should be every villager’s default mood.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Hmmm. A bit of a puzzler, have Pip and Toby ever been near Alan’s church?


I’d rather not think about that, thank you very much.