Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Mar 24-29

Few have warmed to the new Mrs Archer, particularly those left in the dark about the race to the register office. This week, a bit of a secret emerges about Tom’s new wife. Will there be more revelations to come?
While this bubbles away, Jill - for many of us, the one and only Mrs Archer - plots a Mother’s Day extravaganza, and those of us with clenching memories of the Christmas Day embarrassment will give it a wide berth.
Elizabeth confides in Russ that her own mothering skills may have put her soon-to-be-released son in the slammer, while the motherless Mia is having her own problems.
Shula, having recently shed a husband, looks for a new role in life, while Alistair prepares himself for his new partner.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


She is really a sheep in disguise! (All right, nobody agreed when I said that about Nic.)


She is a shape shifting lizard.