Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Mar 3-8

Kate’s great big feet pound all over the Dower House causing the ghastly but valuable figurines to that once adorned Matt and Lilian’s mantelpiece to shiver and shake. The noise doesn’t help raddled Auntie Lilian’s nerves, either.
Be grateful, by the way, if you got missed off the invitation list for Susan’s dinner party, where a whirlpool of undercurrents swirls round the table while one guest tries to drink the Carters dry.
Over at Bridge Farm, the faces of the Montbéliarde cows turn a whiter shade of pale. Their frail French nerves have been on edge ever since they arrived in Ambridge, and now, with Lee on a mission, Tony on the back foot, Tom floundering, and Johnny on edge, un grand brouhaha looms.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


That will be Alice then.