Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update March 11-16

Another bad week in Ambridge. Let’s all be grateful we don’t live there. Gloom fills the air, poison seeps from the soil, rash decisions are made, and the spectre of Matt Crawford haunts the hills.
The sight of Oliver Stirling distributing dosh fails to raise spirits, and the freelance quacks hired by Kate to peddle their nonsense at Spiritual Home decline to set their alternative feet in the Village of the Doomed.
Brian - having swapped his cravats for a hair shirt to spend Lent in a state of deep penance - cannot right matters, and nothing but strife, bitterness, and grief is found under any Grundy roof.
By way of light relief, the Dark Forces now controlling Ambridge have decided to give Bonkers Helen a bit of a break.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’ Board