Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update March 18-23

The Brantford Brothers! The name that has been haunting Brian now floats to the surface of Bert, who recalls the dodgy duo coming to Phil Archer with an offer that Phil refused. Ruth gets wind of this and heads off to see Brian, keen to make his life even worse, and Brian is fighting on all fronts at the moment. Justin is twisting his arm, Will is giving him grief, and Alice is throwing herself into dragging the Aldridge name deeper into the mire.
Talking of mire,Pat takes a steaming cauldron of vegetable stew over to The Elms and is told where she can put it.
Meanwhile Lynda struggles with a tome, Alistair struggles with a situation, and Harrison and Fallon struggle with each other.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’ Board


And we saw what happened to him.


I’m looking forward to Pat’s vegetable stew being spurned at The Elms. Hope they put her back on clothes-sorting duty. I remember she thought she and Helen were too good for that.


Having opened this by mistake, I would just like to point out that Bert started work at Brookfield in 1988, and was not in the village when Brian is supposed to have taken up that offer refused by Phil. So unless it is made clear either that the Brantfords tried it on for a second time, when it was definitely illegal, or that Bert only heard about it after the event, this is research-bollox.


Bring it on🤣


Could she fit in Emma’s coffin do you think ?

Would anyone notice ?

Would anyone care ??


… or maybe THIS is the big story ??


Like the way you think! I am preparing to loath her even more and I truly thought that was not possible.


Research-bollox it might turn out to be, but I love ‘floats to the surface of Bert’.

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