Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update March 5-10

Two riders cutting across Ambridge countryside are all but oblivious to what’s going on around them.They don’t notice that thanks to Pip’s negligence the Brookfield cows are mixed up with the Bridge Farm Anguses.
They don’t hear the sound of poor Kirsty finally blowing her top after coming back to work too soon.
The riders one of them furious one of them tight lipped don’t hear Harrison haranguing the half-hearted cricket team or the massive row between Kirsty and Harrison in the tearoom. Even the trouble up at Grey Gables passes them by as they trot along the bridle path.
Then one of them, Miranda, gives the other rider,Lilian,such an earful that even the crows in the St Stephens graveyard fall silent.


Makes you want to listen, doesn’t it?

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Actually, yes! Were you being ironic or not? I would dearly like Super-Pip to screw up. Elsewhere, in the Radio Times Spoiler (which I should put on a separate thread) it says something about ‘will Ed keep her secret?’ so I greatly fear he will cover up for her.

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Not in the least bit ironic!! Will a cow or two get served by the Bridge Farm bull? That could be our Christmas surprise :santa:

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Great notion! I am also hoping that Pip’s negligence causes huge ructions at Bridge Farm. Would the mixing of the herds mean that the Bridge Farm herd is no longer organic?