Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Nov 19-24

Bookings are down at Grey Gables, the Lower Loxley wedding looks dodgy and Alan has forgotten to organise a Nativity.
It seems things are falling apart in Ambridge.
Lilian shares a troubling revelation with Peggy, Justin reaches breaking point, the police are all over the place and villagers slouch around nursing their suspicions.
Ambridge Anarchy breaks out as factions line up behind Robert and Emma.
Freddie and Noluthando let loose a birthday wheeze, while Roy and Lexi go on an intelligence gathering mission.
Lily, untroubled by events, turns her attention once again to Pip’s love life, while Lynda lacks any conviction that the Ambridge Panto will make it to opening night; then the tide of trouble that has washed over Ambridge delivers one last nightmare.

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I think traditionally God organises the Nativity.

Can we get them riotously demolishing a hovel? (I believe the sentence for that is still transportation, though the law may have been cleaned up recently.)

Lily, Ruth… is nobody interested in their own love lives any more?

What rough Hazel Wooley
Its hour come round at last
Slouches towards Ambridge to be born?


[quote=“HedgeSparrow, post:2, topic:773”]I think traditionally God organises the Nativity.[/quote]Frankly he made a right cock of it.

Arrived late, no room arranged, no midwife, no gas & air, animals everywhere. I think Pip & Lily must have said “leave it to us, God. We’ve got it covered”.


Have we had the ‘one last nightmare’ today, or is there fresh hell to come. The latter, I hope. After all, we knew on Friday that Auntie Chris had been scammed and the Daily Mail spoiler is about this coming week.

But I was disappointed last week about the ‘confrontation’ and ‘scales falling from Lilian’s eyes’. I was hoping it was about Justin and that there were further revelations to come but instead it was the scene between Matt and Lilian on the Sunday and it was all done and dusted by the beginning of the week.

Armers, you know the joke about if it had been the Three Wise Women: they would have shown up on time, helped with the birth and brought useful presents. Though you can never go wrong with gold, give that Wise Man his due.


Plus Frank … who was incensed about something, and someone with a female 'orse.

Not too shabby by the boys from the East.

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