Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Nov 24-29


Stir-up Sunday looms large in Jill’s calendar. The prayer book urges the faithful to get stirred up for this last Sunday before advent, while Jill always falls to making industrial quantities of Christmas pudding. This year, however, Leonard throws something new into the mix.
A chance encounter gets Helen stirred up, reviving memories and threatening emotional turmoil over the coming weeks, while Lily and Johnny, having got a bit overwrought, try to smooth things over.
Tracy gets everyone geed up at Grey Gables, organising a leaving bash for Dimitrios - though most are racking our brains trying to remember who he is.
Over at Lower Loxley, Elizabeth continues with her ghostly plans - but things get off to a bumpy start.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


“I got the recipe from a book. Something about an ‘Acid Test’?”


No, an engagement ring.


… wasn’t he mentioned in a 1944 film? …something about his mask?


I prefer the Dunnock Option, tbh


Can pipsquawk taste the Leonard bc pud a la Dunnock please?


oooh, yesss, ‘gurgle, choke, thud!’
It might take a while before we realised that wasn’t just Pip doing improvised vocalising, though.