Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update - November 12th-17th

Tension has been brewing for a long time now for Helen, with her villainous ex-husband Rob back on the scene and her relationship with Lee faltering. This looks set to be a life-changing week.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


She’d decided her relationship with Lee was over before that week, I thought? So it isn’t just faltering; it’s pushing up the daisies.


Yes, she might start to regret the lack of child care and domestic services he provided. No matter how many times she is able to dump the boys on either Lee or her parents, it’s still going to be her in sole charge at home. I wonder if she could persuade Kirsty to move in and be mother’s little helper.

Or - ghastly thought - Henry becomes the Man of the House whose duty it is to protect fragile mummy.