Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update November 7-11

Kirsty is struggling with a terrible dilemma that could have dire consequences either way. Support from an unexpected resident gives brief respite, but she can’t put off her decision for ever.
One member of the Archer clan, meanwhile, pushes for sweeping changes at Bridge Farm, but as you would expect, tempers are fraying and plans are going nowhere fast - so, who will come out on top?
And with Clarrie and Eddie’s vows renewal date fast approaching, Oliver is dishing out favours - but is his good nature being taken advantage of, and will he live to regret his kindness?
Also this week, Tony is feeling hounded, Lynda thinks she may have found her saviour, and one Ambridger finds themselves in deep trouble.

Thanks to LadySusan of ‘The Ambridge Reporter’


Hollowpoints, dere. Nobody in Ambridge wears body armour. Yet.

Any good nature in Ambridge is ruthlessly exploited. Why would he be an exception?


According to the Radio Times, however:

So which will it be? Can we bear the suspense?