Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Oct 15-20

Lilian’s need for Drama is playing havoc with our nerves and Underwoods’ head of fashion is getting tetchy about having a rack of wedding guest frocks on permanent hold.
Justin forges ahead with romantic plans melting Lilian’s heart; then off she goes with Matt and we’re back where we started.
Pip and Toby’s on/off affair takes a turn or two and there’s bad news as there always is these days from the stables.
The regular Autumnal Grundy Cider saga continues as does the dynastic struggle between Emma and Nic.
Adam warms a little to the concept of parenthood and Kate briefly tries her hand at it.
Meanwhile Phil the builder, a man we feel - perhaps wrongly - we can trust, has surprising news for an Ambridger.

Thanks to maggiesaes from the Bowman board.

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