Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Oct 21-26

The silage subplot usually just ferments away in the background of this everyday tale of countryfolk, but every so often, the lid blows off. Such a thing happens at Brookfield happens this week, where - on top of everything else - silage is proving problematic, and one resident’s welfare is at risk.
The drugs plot continues to seethe away with Johnny under interrogation from the widow Pargetter, while trying to keep a secret.
Lynda carries on sidling up to villagers, sliding them pieces of paper bearing an enigmatic message, while Tom gets a stinging and far from enigmatic piece of criticism that leaves him reeling.
Meanwhile, Jill throws one of her troubled brood a lifeline, Jazzer’s quest for love continues, and the Karate Kid has something on his mind.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


So, with Sister Wendy voice on, what does it all mean? Let’s match this up with the one-liners for the same week and see what we can make of it:

21 Oct Jill offers a lifeline and Tom is caught out.
22 Oct Pip offers an unusual solution and Helen is unnerved.
23 Oct Elizabeth’s hopes are raised and Brian waves the white flag.
24 Oct Lynda forges ahead with her plan and Josh attempts to make up for recent events.
25 Oct Johnny is under pressure and Rex struggles to control his feelings.
26 Oct Johnny has cause for concern and Jazzer has some harsh words.