Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update October 19-22

There’ll be no turning back for Philip as his plan gathers momentum - and events are slipping beyond his control.
Harrison, too, has reached a crossroads, and is faced with a daunting decision about his future.
While he ponders which path to take, they’ve already committed to a big change at Brookfield, and some of Ambridge’s other residents will have to prepare themselves for the consequences.
Elsewhere, things are looking up for Pip, and Elizabeth’s foray into the dating game sees her hitting it off with an eligible bachelor. Lily and Freddie, however, are keen to put the kibosh on their mother’s romantic exploits.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


To keep breathing or not?
Expect we’re going to be treated to much agonising over whether he wants to stay married to an unnatural woman who refuses to propagate his DNA. Chin up, Burnsy lad: no Ambridge female has the first idea about effective deployment of contraception. Or knees.

Elizabeth and Vince, sitting in a tree…?