Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update October 2-7

All this talk of burying underpants to assess the state of Ambridge’s soil has been rather distasteful, and it’s been heartening to see how few of you have been prepared to stay in The Bull when the nasty subject comes up. It will be difficult to avoid the somewhat sordid business this week, though, as up and down the village they talk of little else but soil quality.
There will, thank goodness, be occasional distractions from the subject as Jill celebrates her 92nd birthday and this year’s crop of doomed turkeys are delivered into the hands of the Grundys.
Meanwhile, Chelsea has to grapple with a daunting decision that will have a profound effect on the rest of her life.

Thanks to Lady Susan of The Ambridge Reporter


“I know I’m letting you down, mum, I’m letting the clan down, but I really want to learn to read!”


I can only conclude from the above that she decides to have the ruddy thing. Well, it’s the stupid thing to do, so der!

Actually, I don’t conclude that at all but rather that the Ambridge diarist is peddling the programme’s imbecilic party line that termination is a momentous and life-changing event and a far more serious undertaking than just letting biology take its course with no thought for the practicalities of the next umpteen years. Abortion (excluding TFMR) restores the status quo and is the very reverse of ‘life- changing’.

Yes, this does make me somewhat cross.


Given the baybee-fixation of the editors I can’t believe they’d let her do the sensible thing.


I’m not sure about that. I mean I am sure about the fixation bit, just not about what it means.

It occurred to me today that this SL could fit a pattern we’ve seen all too often - when a potential development is not discussed by the characters involved in any realistic way then that development never er, develops.

Chelsea wanted Ben’s reaction to her pregnancy but never asked him if he would make a financial contribution, or even if he’d want any involvement with the child. Ditto Beth, you’d think she too would want to know the answers to those questions before returning to live with Ben. Perhaps the reason the SWs never bothered with those converations is that there will be no baby.

I’m horribly afraid that Chelsea will have an abortion but then suffer agonies of guilt and regret afterwards, thus demonstrating to us all what a terrible thing abortion is.


Or, worse, Ben will go into a Twonk-style decline because no progeny and rush into breeding out of the unspeakable Beth.