Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Sep 2-7

All the death, drug-taking, debts, land-poisoning and llama-rustling that we’ve endured over the past months will be as nothing compared to what looms on the horizon. Yes indeedy - the Flower And Produce Show rears its ugly head. The coming days will be filled with recipe-stealing, flower sabotage and marrow atrocities.
We must brace ourselves while still keeping an eye on Freddie’s half-truths, Lily’s adultery, and Henry’s ill-advised karate lessons.
On top of all these excitements, a familiar face comes a-knocking at the Aldridges’ open-to-offers door, and there’s also a souring of relations between Helen and Tom.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Gotta be Robin (he says, before checking the credits).


I’m looking forward to Henwy practising his karate skills, hopefully on Helen and Tom. I could name others, Hannah would be fine too, but Tom and Helen are top of the list.