Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update week April 16-21

It turns out that Justin isn’t the only fat cat in Ambridge - there’s one lolling about at the Lodge. Anisha gives Peggy a telling off and tells her to get the vast feline on a diet but Peggy is far from grateful and hackles rise.
Lilian, positively purring thanks to Justin’s attentions, organises an event at the Bull and to the relief of the proprietors of Underwoods regains her will to shop.
Meanwhile Elizabeth broods over her spat with Kenton and up at Brookfield they’ve taken to snarling at each other. Pip blames Josh for damaging the fence that she didn’t repair causing the remorseless spread of the IBR virus. Josh blames Rex for problems with a customer and Jill’s dim view of all Fairbrothers remains unchanged.


Looks promising…