Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Jul 2-7

Trigger-happy Lil dons her hi-vis finery for her turn on speed watch - and finds she’s been paired up with Lynda. There could be trouble, but it will be as nothing compared to the battle of the cricket meeting, or the simmering row about the summer fete.
Fuses are also blown at Bridge Farm over Matt’s costly advice, adding more recruits to the ranks of Matt’s enemies.
Jill is in a bit of a froth about the Duxford sisters’ fancy dining plans, while Jennifer discovers a shocking secret about the Grundys’ online foe, the whimsically named Harriet Vane.
Jennifer and Roy cross swords, while Lilian - despite all her resistence - fears that time’s winged chariot is putting on a burst of speed.

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I would respond but I would have to blaspheme.
Thank you Janie, anyway, for keeping us au courant, en avant mwah


Fuses being blown at Bridge Farm can’t be bad, though, can it? Here’s hoping for some finger-pointing and blame. I wish someone would mention Helen’s legal bills as well as Tom losing them a hundred thou by interfering. Costly pair, aren’t they?

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