Daily Mail Weekend Magazine June 18-23

Fight! Fight! The fruit pickers’ drinks party takes an unusual turn as some local lads with forthright views on Brexit pitch up and Freddie’s new career gets off to a robust start.
Lilian regrets her recent spat with Lynda then comes off worse in an altercation with her horse. The fact that Matt is on hand to help out is a mixed blessing.
Tom squares up to Justin and finds he’s picked on the wrong man, while trouble brews in the divided cricket pavilion.
Peggy’s new cat Hilda Ogden - a rare soap crossbreed - stalks Ambridge looking for fresh victims, David and Ruth remain dazed by Josh’s bombshell, Rex makes a bold move and Jill becomes a wildlife hit.

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Too much to hope that she is trampled by maddened badgers, so they must mean this dog & pony show of Kirsty’s gives Jill a new, empowering and independent purpose in life. I would throw up, but it is too hot even for that.

Oh I do wish they would all go and take up bricklaying or self-harm or something. If indeed there is a distinction to be drawn between the two activities.

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No. it isn’t. Why are you being so defeatest. Let’s at least give it a try, seven or eight times.