Daily Mail Weekend Magazine June 25-30

The birds fall silent, the fruit-pickers go about in pairs and Neil steps up his pig patrols as Peggy’s beast-cat stalks ambridge, but Peggy cannot see the dark side of Hilda Ogden.
Talking of pussycats, Lilian is in a bad way. Her bathroom is wrecked and she’s torn between Archer loyalty and Justin’s wallet. Christine also finds her home in disorder, but as she lives in a plotline hinterland none of us cares.
Meanwhile Jill and Kirsty join forces, Rex and Anisha bury the hatchet and Eddie reassures Clarrie.
Brian tries to recruit David as Ruairi’s representative -a full time job in the making - then has doubts that David, what with one thing, and another is quite the full shilling.

Thanks to maggiesaes from the Bowman Board

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