Dead Pool 2024

Who is going to cark it in Ambridge this year? (And who would have predicted Jennifer or Rob for 2023?)

Robert Snell is pretty much a certainty, although he would have been unproblematic to recast.
Peggy? They probably won’t be able to resist her notching up her century, and are daftly sentimental enough not to kill her off for fear of ‘upsetting’ the eminently sane and lovely June Spencer. So no, not The Oldest Inhabitant.

I can’t believe the nasty little Tucker won’t be recast. While I for one would be happy never to hear from him again, I suppose he does fulfil a mildly useful function.

My prediction is Jill.
My wish list (which is long) includes Emmur (another Death by Tree, achieving DSP* for the brothers Grundy) and Bess. That should see Gentile Ben** safely off to the boobyhatch for a bit.
Death by pony for Martha, and it’s trebles all round. Scoff all you like, but I’m not ruling it out - think of the trouble it would save TBTB in the long run with the damned-if-they-do-or-don’t problem of possible FASD difficulties.

*Dead Spouse Parity
**Well, there are rather a lot of Old Testament names in the Brookfield line, starting with Grandpa Sol of worm farm bog roll fame, so a point worth making. And David is described as ‘a bear of a man’…

Oh, and Happy New Year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Justin would be a good death, leaving Lilian yet again blatting about with no reason to exist.


Carol Toboggan dying would mean there was a cottage available. Always useful.

And are they going to remember Lewis? Will his desiccated remains finally be discovered?


“Dear Lilian,
I hope I may address you so informally? Although we have never met, after such a long relationship I feel I may address you as a friend.
I understand times have been hard for you lately, and I know all of us sometimes find it hard to carry on. But please do! You continue to bring joy to all of us shareholders of Imperial Tobacco…”


No one has to die for that to be the case. (Idiot’s welcome demise requires no justification.)


What of Kathy and Jamie? I mean, her narrative role is gone now that Jolene doesn’t need any more new men, and it would be entirely plausible if they’d dropped dead a few years ago and nobody noticed.