Dear Aunt Lilian


prefers even James, Leonie and their brat to the presence of Kate, but I wonder slightly whether Justin feels the same way!

Maybe he would rather have his house to himself.


He had to pay to get James to go away last time, didn’t he? At least he can comfort himself with the thought that they do have a home to go to and will eventually leave. There was no guarantee that would ever happen with Kate.

Loved Peggy’s comment to the effect that being asked to leave by the usually tolerant Lilian spoke volumes for Kate’s presumed behaviour.


Yes, that was a humdinger. Peggy has never had much time for Kate’s sob-stories. “But I’m her mother!” “Only when it suits you, dear.”


I’m a little disappointed in Phoebe, letting Kate steal her - what was it, toast? with butter? - and letting Kate get away with saying Phoebe didn’t mind. And for offering to let Kate sleep on the floor. What was she thinking? We all know who would end up on the floor. And for proffering whatever it was for dinner for Kate’s approval. Cook what you want to, dear, Kate can eat it or not.

But Phoebe lost my respect when she supported Kate over forcing the sale of Home Farm and for combining with Jennifer to spruce up Spiritual Home to cheer Kate up when she couldn’t be bothered to take care of the business that had cost Brian and Jennifer their home.


It cost Phoebe the place she lived as well, I think: she had a room at Home Farm for many years.


Yes, I remember a time when Phoebe, Kate, Lilian and Ruairi in the holidays all inhabited Home Farm. So there must be five bedrooms at least. Didn’t Phoebe decamp to Home Farm when Roy had his affair with Elizabeth. I think she forgave him and moved back to Willow Farm but I’m not sure if or when.


She moved back to Willow Farm because it was impossible to work in a house which had Kate and Lilian in it.


Oh, I remember now. Suddenly it became expedient to forgive Roy, then?


That’s right. She was working for her A-levels, I think, and he was quieter.


Thid was sfter her attempt to turn her grandparents ’ house into s knocking shop, wasn’t it?


After she and her boyfriend scandalised the hypocrite Kate by having sexual relations and using birth control.

I would have thought that a knocking-shop implied more than one client, and payment.


I did say “attempt” , not that she succeeded.


I don’t think she was trying to at all; she had one boyfriend.

Kate had them in coveys, and didn’t know who Phoebe’s father was.


I have no intention of being fair or nice about Phoebe.
Shocking, in nit. When she is not being an Object Lesson about Oxbridge Access for the Slightly Less Privileged, she is by turns a tedious Goody Two-shoes and a little liar.


I thought the lies were Lily’s, and Phoebe was fed up with her for them?


Phoebe joined in. There was a barfworthy dad’n’daughter scene thereafter where she came clean. She has remained friendly with Lily.


For that alone she should be shunned.


Shunning like billy-o, sah!


My two thoughts:

  • That toast, it can’t have been buttered, surely?
  • Where is Abbie in all of this?


Who, frankly, gives a stuff? With her mother, presumably. We don’t need another tedious little Tucker around the place.