Der fliegende Wildhüter?

Here’s an idea! (…are you reading this Mr. Stympleton?)

Unknown to the rest of Aaaambridge, Gamekeeper Wywyum slips away, on a (seemingly) endless crusade to find Mia, or a suitable replacement, someone who will worship him as a doting father, willing to cater to her every need, including leaving her alone in the house (…containing divers shot-gubs (see Woody Allen “Take The Money and Run”)) (after dark) in order to pop off to the local chip-shop¹ and satisfy every childish whim! …doomed to roam the countryside until he finds this perfect daughter (but of course he won’t will he?). Hey, Stympleton, perhaps you might get Jugleen to set the whole thing to music? Now there’s an idea!

¹ thank you @Fanta

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