Do Turkey Necks Have Bones in Them?


A serious question from a woman on FB who feeds her dog raw food.


Bluddy 'Ell

Small choky ones at that…



Of course they do, otherwise turkeys would look like cartoon ostriches. Have you never made giblet gravy. Used to be the cats’ Christmas Eve treat, the meat off the turkey neck and the heart chopped up after the stock was made.
Raw poutry bones should be fine, though. Cooked - absolutely not.


Ermmm … yes, I’ve cooked giblets … I am not that person who didn’t know.


Sorry Marjorie. That was, in my mind, a response to the thread title not a dig at you. Very infelicitous though.
Daft bat. And that’s not a dig at you either, for the avoidance of doubt ;- )


I know at least 2 people who have roasted the giblets in their placcy bag in the bird…

Not me, I hasten to add



A local stupid man made the local tv news complaining about a chicken having its innards in a bag which smelled disgusting when it was in the oven.


A poule and its innards are not soon parted after that treatment.
I trust people now point and laugh at him in the street. Being an idiot is one thing; broadcasting the tedious fact quite another.
Gus x. Goodnight folks


I haven’t seen giblets inside a chicken for decades. I thought they were against the food hygiene regulations or something: they used to go off long before the chicken did, back in the seventies, and niff.

Do they really still happen? I have been buying chicken livers on their own for years.


[quote=“Fanta, post:9, topic:821”]giblets inside a chicken … Do they really still happen?
[/quote]Absolutely. Usually in bags labelled wte “giblets inside” as a bit of a give-away.


Where do you buy them?


I used to stipulate the inclusion of giblets in my Bird. The inclusion, sans baggage, in the gravy knocked peskytarian OH sick, so I make do, without. The Gizzard was mine, all mine, to scavenge when Mam was in charge. All Hail The Mam!
Soo xx


I saw them this week in Sainsbury’s no less. (Though they may have been turkeys).


I shall have to have a look. Thanks.


… and Waitrose.

… and Graig Farms & Abel&Cole online.


Their having ceased to put the giblets into chickens being one of the reasons that I stopped shopping at Sainsbury’s, I am very interested indeed.

I have bought chickens from the local butcher, Sainsburys, Lidl and Tesco, and none of the ones I’ve bought this century have had the giblets in them. They vanished after the salmonella scare in the 1980s some time.


It may welll have been a turkey but I very definately saw “giblets included” written on a pack in Sainsbury’s only this week.

If I see it again I shall photograph it.

Waitrose on-line page specifically mentions them. Plus the 2 more specialist on-line stores … which prices to match though.


Yes, I know that Waitrose does. I don’t shop there much, because they are in an inconvenient place relative to where we live.


Aaaah. Shall I bring you one ?

Just call me ‘Ocado’. Ill be using the M40 nect week, the week after.


No, thank you, because I have the catering for the next couple of weeks sorted out already. But if you want to drop in for a cuppa, any day except this Friday when I shan’t be around, just let me know.