Doing the teas

Well of course she’s required to do the teas. Like any piece of livestock on a farm, when she can’t work any more it’s off the knackers.

(This doesn’t really explain Pip, though.)


Pip is an example of the triumph of hope over experience. Also the inability to recognise sunk costs.

She was expensive to raise; they go on hoping she may eventually repay some small tithe of that expense.


…and talking of “teas”, anyone else remember the “Tees” as a sort of trade-for-favour system which was instated in the village a few years ago, sort of like the recent Lenten farce-favour thingy over which was made much fuss recently? …or was the “Tees” just another post-it fallen down behind the fridge?


…I think the Pip to be a prime example of insanity¹!

¹ insanity = when you keep doing exactly the same thing but expect a different outcome each time


TEAs, to be strictly accurate, an acronym for “Transition Equivalent in Ambridge”. The transition community movement is one of Graham Harvey’s pet projects, so he used TA to promote it. When he was no longer Agricultural Editor (later demoted to “adviser”) it was pretty much forgotten. The rest of the SWs seemed interested only in using it as the basis of yet another unfunny Grundy scam.

Incidentally, I see it was his decision to have a retrospectively impoverished Brian dump chemicals on his land—another of the bees in his bonnet. He now seems to have left (or been removed from?) the SW team.

Well that never happens, does it…



He robbed a living as a “consultant” & then gave us ideas as watertight as a broken collander.