Don’t hate yourself, Kirsty

…that’s my job, you thick, hypocritical bint.


Fair enough, but I hate Helen more.


In terms of visceral loathing, it’s Kirsty every time. It might help if the pointless, tedious cow cleared her bloody throat° once in a while. Or it might not. For a disaster magnet, she’s nauseatingly upbeat for far too much of the time. I suppose it is not Kirsty’s fault that she’s basically plot-oil and therefore manifests different traits from week to week.

Helen is consistently written. Either that or Patikas is even better than I thought she was with her portraual of a magnificent monster and master manipulator*. Loved the edge of panic in Tony’s voice when he thought they’d be stuck with a single Helen again…

°leaves the way open for her to turn out to be Justin’s unacknowledged bastard, I s’pose…
*I still don’t see what she sees in the witless manchild Lee, but each to their own.


Perhaps after the Wedding That Wasn’t Kirsty just snapped and now inside her head it’s hello clouds hello sky all the time.

I find it difficult to believe, with the general churn of writing staff and the way they love to blabber on Twitter, that they’d manage to keep up the kayfabe of dogged independent Helen in the face of all the evidence.

I will admit to a certain Schadenfreude at the idea of Lee running a strip-mall dojo for podgy children and men who want to think of themselves as ninjas [sic].


She loves two things about him - that he’s witless and that he’s a manchild. “All the better to control you, my dear.”


Do hate yourself, Kirsty; it saves me from having to bother.


At least Kirsty was quite frank to Roy about not wanting Brian, if not equally honest with Brian himself. She wasn’t trying to portray herself as saint-like as was Helen to both Tony and Lee who fell for the act. Now Helen can retire and polish her halo while Kirsty is probably feeling rather mean.

That’s why I hate Helen more. I don’t really hate Kirsty at all, just want to shake her sometimes.


Never heard it called that before. Ahem.