Don't Bring Lulu. Fri March 20th 2020


Mesdames, Messieurs, Mes Darlings

You are cordially invited to a Pot-luck Supper and an Elegant and Stimulating Soirée, 8pm for 8:30pm tomorrow. Bring a dish - to be detailed - and your talents to amuse. But don’t bring Lulu, or Bobo, or anyone along similar lines.

Dress: preferable
Carriages: you weren’t thinking of driving, were you? And a minicab at this time is frankly Russian Roulette. Therefore you’ll have to stay over if not in lurching distance. No midnight feasts, apple-pie beds or Stories. Only just prised one guest from last time out of the plaster. Wrought havoc with me dado, that did. And she was very Shaken and is still Going On about it.


< mode=suspicious >
detailed by whom?
< /mode >


By the bringer, dere.

And I apologise for my sloppy misuse of the language. I blame the internet, meself.


Lovely idea

Goes orff to choose me Nat…



Knock our collective eye out, Darling! You know you can.
But < little anxious voice > you will be doing clothes as well, won’t you? < /voice > Only one must avoid taking a chill, I feel.


[looks through the Cupboard of Fevver Dyes…]


There there, Dear

Of course I will



[hastily checks Gin stocks, in Another cupboard]
Yer fine, Sparrer. Gin mostly present and highly incorrect rectified.


I am going to wear my cloak

It’s scarlet with a hood lined with proper silk velvet in deepest black


Doctor Twellsy!

Doctors Wear Scarlet, after all…

(Gus has a great fondness for Simon Raven)


Depends on the nat, dunnit?



That has at least to be aidin’ and abettin’. Not that they would come out for it, not if Sarge had a brew on.


How about Kiki?

He does a pretty nifty Charleston…


o god, already we are in to the Exceptions.
Yes, you may bring Kiki. But only because because, see. I don’t want to sett a president or anything (and the badgers have been inconvenienced by bits of Bush hither and yon and are outraged and are writing to The Telegraph)

Fond though I am of Brother Brock, he does rather tend to write to The Telegraph (the sports coverage is excellent, you know…)


Don’t worry, I’ll be very discreet (not least because the rest will be jealous)


And when they have a grievance, they don’t hold back…


If Kiki is coming can I bring Titi?
After all parrots are entertaining


I should certainly hope so. If not, I will unleash the entire flock to serenade the company…


Ooo that might be fun to hear

Parrots mimic what they hear so we could have a choral concert


This is going downhill fast. I expected nothing less - though possibly fewer birds, on the whole. Silly old me.