Don't Bring Lulu. Fri March 20th 2020


We were supposed to be dining together tonight, weren’t we, Sparrer?

Why do I have this strange feeling of having dodged a bullet? ;- )


And get that adjectival parrot out of the bluddy microwave!

No, this is a real thing, on the phone just now. She seems to feel the microwave is prime nesting real estate. Bloody Spring…


Could be worse, could be a wombat in a washing machine.


With honey. We’re not barbarians.


I’m getting the feeling that Soo and the Girls have got wind of something going on to which they haven’t been invited. Don’t say you weren’t warned…


Avian Siblinghood is going to cause me to let 'em in in a moment. You have been warned.


Ach, the more the merrier. Let ALL the birds in! Vultures, ravens, the odd emu…
< it can only improve the standard of the dancing, from what I’ve seen… >




I shall go to bed.


Gus, dahling, that’s not me trying to dance, it’s me trying to walk


Tbe gin takes me that way sometimes too, dere. But so long as you are enjoying yerself, fill yer boots. Not other people’s; in some cultures that is considered rude.


Depends what with…


We seem to have drifted rather off topic. I’m still wondering what exactly poor Lulu could have done to attract such opprobrium…


Why does me beak taste like gin and champagne?
Oh right, French 75s.
S’pose we should start clearing up then…


No clearing up to be done, Sparrer. I threw it all into the garden and set fire to it, for Hygiene The small greenhouse went as well; but I never really liked it.


I was going to open me Noo box of Nitrile gloves…



But :fire:!


Blimey Joe.

Who knew Alan Rickman had such a voice ? & in fluent German too !

… and Denise Welch.

The male dancer left alone to dance on stage left … was he interpreting for the deaf ?

Makes you proud the Opera receives such state backing.


I’m with you Armrest old chum

That was painful

But art is art


The curse of egomaniac producers who insist on their vision at the expense of that of the dramatist/composer…

Lulu is quite shocking enough as it stands - it really doesn’t need to be fecked around with to be “relevant” [shudder]. Berg’s own ideas for staging are quite explicit - after all, he knew the original Wedekind plays intimately, having been among the invited audience of their première as a double bill. Since he prepared the libretto himself, it’s fairly clear it’s what he (and no doubt Wedekind) wanted.