Easy option? Running away? …to Camila?

Yeah, but, no but yeah, but I bet her biscuits are better than those available at LowestPoxey!

…pretty much the same as all the recent garbage! …but quite a bit more hooty! …and more religious platitudes! (…wot no mince-pies?) (…oh bugger!)…more hooting! …and the rustle of a crisp new cheque! (…but wotsthis? TheBoyKentun refusing a hand-out?? …that can’t be right, surely, (Shirley?))


False jeopardy. Either that or they wanted to show us conclusively that he is a shit: “I’ll pay my debts in my own good time, and I won’t apologise for stopping the standing order for them and messing my creditor around for three and a half years, either, so ner” is about his level, despicable little apology for a person that he is.


Not often you find “apology” and “Kenton” in the same frame of reference, let alone sentence.


Statutory interest is 8% per year. Best reasonably safe investment you can make these days.


So by faffing about for over three years Kenton has increased his wife’s debt a fair amount.

No, I am not going to work it out; we don’t know how much was repaid after November 2015 before Jolene set up the standing order in June 2017, or how much that was for, or how much is therefore still owing.

But Kenton did specifically state, loudly and peevishly, that he would repay David first and “with interest”.