Edwierd (…to TwinkleTop)…


Or, more informatively:

“his in-house nickname at the BBC is Tinsel Tits on account of his - alleged - nipple rings, he never rolls up his sleeves on account of his - alleged - tattoo.”


Thank you, Dahlink. I shall sleep easier for that
and doubtless wake up screaming


Thank google, not me.

And he’s not as frightening as Vicky’s cleavage surely.

(I am being told off for replying to you 3 times, apparently it is now time I replied to someone else because a ‘great discussion involves many voices and perspectives’.)


Aye well, just ignore it. I am. I’m staying with my Ma, if I feel the need for nagging.


I am wondering whether a warning about the daffy algorithms and the silly things they say (“Your post is similar to” one which has nothing whatever to do with it is the classic), and that on the whole ignoring them is best, ought to go somewhere – only I am not sure where.


I rather like them in a funny sort of way, they’re silly enough to be entertaining. I wouldn’t bother unless you think they might deter some people from posting.


Since people worry about that sort of thing, it might be worth doing, I suppose.


They’ll deter some people from posting things that needn’t be posted, too.


It’s not working on me, though


Perhaps, though I whisper to say it, you’re the right sort of poster?


Dear Dunnock, you need some delicious GIN.
Actually, I doubt anyone sensible would be deterred. But will ponder some potential wording. When home.


You know me so well.