Edwierd (…to TwinkleTop)…


“Oi’ve been ‘avin’ a fink… (…collapses on dirt floor!) …ooooohhhh, moi brain 'urts!”


I thought Twinkle Top was Vicky Tucker?


[quote=“Fanta, post:2, topic:2170”]
Twinkle Top
…according to TheList:
TwinkleTop: Emma Grundy (Sturmey Archer)
(…bows) (…I theng you!)


Oh Vicky? Surely “FloppyTopps” or “OverSquare¹”?

¹ for those automobile engineers in the audience


Good lord. Can you remember why? I have a distinct memory of Vicky sprinkling glitter on her bust on some occasion.


…far be it from me to doubt the veracity of TheList, but I was perusing that very same list recently (…following a reference in a posting started by @Rubble concerning The Bull landlords) and although I don’t remember being the originator of the term, I think I would sooner doubt my own (aged) memory than that of the MaintainerofTheList) …although it rather sounds like it could be one of mine… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If it is in the list then it will have been on the board at the time it was added. I am simply surprised, because Vicky is the person I associate with putting glitter across her cleavage rather than Emma.


I agree, but seem to remember Emmurrrr and something about sparkles and tops, thus Sparky or SparkleTop…??? (…ah, the curse of old age, bits stop working, memory goes! :anguished: )


Maybe she was imitating Vicky, and trying to attract the fairies… The money fairy mostly, of course, but the disabled child fairy came along with her.


Vicky definitely put glitter on her bosom for her wedding. I remember, because I was writing her ‘Diary’ at the time. Oh, good grief, that was ten years ago!


I knew I remembered it from some time! Thank you, JJ.


I remember her dragging a very sulky Brenda off to shop for the wedding dress and Brenda being aghast at the amount of cleavage Vicky was planning on showing.


Yes, that was fairly notable.


…well, all I can say is that you young-uns have far better memory functions than this OldFart! Must be something to do with all that clean-living, or (in my case) not! :neutral_face:


Think of it as the wisdom of age, Sturmers. Memories of Vicky—let alone her cleavage—do not engender peace of mind.

She was also (against strong competition) one of the most unpleasant characters introduced in the last few years. Well acted, though.


I too have a memory of Emma talking about her new ‘sparkly top’, she was wearing it for some special occasion or other ages and ages ago. I do also remember Vicky’s glitter encrusted cleavage, in fact I’m afraid I remember that rather more clearly, but I’m sure the sparkly top belonged to Emma.


TinselTits. Which I am sure someome called someone (ol’ TinselTits, in fact) IRL. Buggered if I can remember who, though.


That was Vicky’s glittery cleavage, I’m sure. Yes, I remember that too.


I meant REAL real life. This is going to bug me now…