is very busy indeed organising Deck the Halls and running a business. Yet she has time top spend the whole morning, from breakfast until after lunch, taking Pip the four miles from Lower Loxley to Brookfield…


People in TA are so busy that there are literally not enough hours in the day, so they have to push their workload back in time. Hence Idiot was now not only the onlie begetter of Cowditz, but also in a position to be tainted by association with a person who I was fairly sure ceased having any connection with BL five years before his arrival.


The local newspaper mentioned that he had been Chairman of BL about ten years ago, so they needed to send a letter pointing this out to the paper.

Goodness only knows why they had to hold an extraordinary general meeting of the directors or whatever it was, and thus delay the reply by another week, instead of the current chairman simply writing to point out that this was the case.