Emma really is the living bloody end

Neb out, and take your guilt over the fact that someone you disliked (and despised for having picked up the man you comprehensively dumped into the shite so that you could no longer feel smugly that you were the only woman in his life) has died still disliking you back, and stop walking into someone else’s house uninvited, and do not take it upon yourself to arrange her funeral! That is not your damn business; it is for her mother and her husband to do, not her husband’s resentful ex-wife now married to her husband’s brother.


In addition to being the living bloody end, Emma is a grubby lilttle whore with no sense of delicacy: what do you expect?


We don’t know that she’s grubby. Maybe she scrubs up astonishingly well. It would seem to be the only explanation of her amatory* history, really.

* I can hardly call it romantic.


I was being metaphorical. Or metaphysical. Meta-something, anyway. Metabloke once, he reckoned piranhas were coming up through the sewerage system specially to bite Emma Grundy on the bum