She’s a nasty, grudging, joy-sapping, blinkered shrew. Their ‘savings’ are obviously - malgre la fee Ambrigidienne de la monnaie - nowhere near even a reasonable fraction of a deposit on a three-bedroom property if seven hundred quid is a huge issue, leaving aside the gross improbability of them being granted a mortgage. And the legacy was to Ed, not Ed&Emma, even if the detail of their being married means that she feels entitled to it. Were Ed to repay the savings pot from the legacy, they are no worse off than they could reasonably expect to have been. And maybe the dream of breeding a champion ram is pie in the sky: but then again, maybe it isn’t, and could do them a great deal of financial good, as well as the actual project making her husband happy.
But if she unilaterally decides the brats need a trampoline and she will drudge herself into the ground and disrupt what family time they have, that’s fine. Because it’s what Emmur wants.


She has in mind that Ed, left to himself, went into hock in a big way for the tractor Eddie talked him into buying, and spent all their savings as well.

Why on earth would anyone think Emma wasn’t mean-spirited, anyhow?


Do I have to take a stating-the-obvious licking (re the mean-spiritedness) and stand in a corner? OK, I had forgotten the tractor thing temporarily, but isn’t that tractor Ed’s pretty much sole source of income now?

Not quite related, but not worth starting another thread for it, I have an increasiingly strong urge to chop Eddie in the throat every time he opens his mouth. Possibly a tribute to the acting skills of the, er, actor, but the vile smarmy, knowing, sneevilling quality of his voice makes my toes crawl. And skin curl, now I come to think of it.


Agree about Eddie but I think Emma did all right. She compromised even though she has no faith in the Texels (does anyone?) and they both ended up happy. He’s a bit of a fool with his proide and she can be a bit shrewish but they do seem to love each other and they don’t get up my nose anything like the way the Dopeys do. Faint praise, I know, but I don’t mind Ed and Emma. Wish she’d channel some of that shrewishness towards Helen; she was far too nice to her yesterday.

‘Shouldn’t you be at work Helen? Oh, it’s not your shift? Well who’s taking care of Jack then? Wish I could spend a whole morning staring into space, being waited on while someone else too care of my kids!’