Faecesbook tracking this site?

Not quite sure what this is about … a recent update, maybe? I noticed this little warning earlier:


I opened the page source, and found, down towards the end, a HUGE (150K) piece of data, starting:

<div class="hidden" id="data-preloaded" data-preloaded="{&quot......

and carrying on for 150+ kilobytes. I see this in both Firefox, and a very vanilla-installed Chromium. I won’t post the entire “div” source, unless requested.

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No recent updates. The data-preloaded block is part of the JSON source used to render the page. If someone posts a facebook link, though, Facebook will try to track it…

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That data-preloaded block is really ugly! I guess I’m going to have to look into “discourse”, I’m seeing far more references in that data block than I am happy with :-(. Looks like just about anything that’s ever been mentioned results in a “link” being saved …

eta: just very glad I have FB blocking!

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