Fifteen years too late


but Ed finally got there.

Emma, of course, is never going to admit what a complete little bitch she was to Will, both during and after her marriage, but at least Ed is being a bit less godawful than her.


He still seems to view Emma as his possession though, doesn’t he? He doesn’t want her any more, he understands now that his relationship with her damaged Will, but heaven help any other man who lays a finger on her.


I wonder how he will react when she does to him what she did to Will and has sex with someone else at her own instigation.

Personally I think the best thing she could do now is take her children and move away. If George would go with her, of course; he may be having a sulk at his dad at the moment, but we have no reason to think he has ever liked his mother. or that he will accept her telling him he is never to see Will again: being forbidden to may be the spur he needs to get him talking to Will again.


Amen. Heaven help them indeed. And they should probably wash their hands.


That rather raises the question of why Emma thought to mention it, doesn’t it? It was hardly the most pressing issue at the time.


Because it would cause trouble, and at her core that’s what Emma does.


Be fair; now that she doesn’t have the money from Tim’s enterprises (legal or otherwise) she has to watch the pennies. Ed getting both barrels would have been cheaper than a(nother) divorce.


Well I’m sure it won’t be long before she has a go at some poor bloke. I’ve been wondering who might have the honour (?!) of being next in line for her attentions. Is there even one male in TA who could be said to deserve her?


My instant reaction: Toby.


A good thought but he doesn’t have a house, so would he appeal to Emma?



Prof Jim?

Roy of the rotas?


She could try for Tom and see what the fragrant Natasha does

How about Josh for the “comedic value”

Or she could try Harrison and get sacked by Fallon

Bert has a house for life

This could be fun waiting for her hormones to wake up and demand sex


I think her bank balance will be her motivation, rather than her hormones. And a house. Roy or Bert then, but neither ‘deserves’ her imo.




Would Kenton dare incur the wrath of Jolene?

We might need a lot of popcorn…


He’d only be interested if Emma had got the house.