Financial Transparency

Some people have been kind enough to send That Fish money to support this forum. I think it’s about time we had a thread to tell people what’s going on. I will leave this locked so that it just shows the state of play - if you want to talk about it, please do it elsewhere or contact me directly.

Because I pay in Euros, the cost will vary a bit, sometimes retroactively.

This is not a request for money - it’s just so that those of you who’ve contributed can see roughly what’s going on. If you do decide you want to contribute, will reach me via Roger - please make a note in the memo that it’s for the Reporter, as Roger and I both take payment for several things through that account. All donations will be anonymous and are not eligible for tax relief (though That Sparrow apparently knows some very creative accountants).


April 2021

Brought forward: £0.00
Paid: £26.76
Received: £30
Carried forward: £3.24