For goodness' sake, Usha

What exactly is it that you want? To have to go on spending hours on end doing something you are completely useless at, being despised by the young women who have joined the nets practice and dislike being put into the same basket as an elderly rabbit who can neither bowl nor bat, and who makes a fuss all the time?

I doubt that it is within Burns’ power to make you into a cricketer who will not embarrass herself and the team if you force him to play you – and how easy will he find it the following week to find anyone who is not “too busy” for the next match?


I really thought we were headed for the line “Is it because I is black?” so silly was the premise.


I think that ia possibly what we were meant to think, although that presupposes a theory of mind on the part of the prod team and much of the time I hae me doots on that front.
Shudder to think what action the Massed Hags of Ambridge see fit to take over this burning piece of injustice. But I’m sure the consequences will be hilarious.

Hello and welcome, Migrant.


Yes, hello, Migrant, and welcome to the board.

It’s pretty silly, not just that Usha would assume what Burns’ motives must be, but also that the rest of the village would follow her silly train of what I suppose we must call “thought”, and get hot under the collar on her behalf. She freely admitted that she was useless but said that wasn’t the point. What exactly is the point of a village cricket team? Might it be “to play cricket”? Being unable to do so because she is useless at playing cricket seems tome to be similar to being unable to do so because she had no arms: yes, she could claim to be being barred because she was a woman (which apparently never bothered her, BTW) or because she was disabled, but in fact it would be because she was unable to play cricket in a way which was of use to the team.

I note that none of the women being embarrassed by her Sisterhood-plus-incompetence at nets were at the meeting as far as we could tell.


The embarrassed sorority were definitely invited to the cockamamie ‘meeting’, but I’m not sure whether they didn’t show or whether they were present in the same way that they were at the nets, silently. The headcount last night was fairly high Kirsty, Usha, Snell, Jill, Jennifer, Susan. Oh, not up at the limit, quite… unless I’ve blanked someone out.
Sodding awful episode, anyway.

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