Forbidden little delights


Nougat! Marmey’s kind person brought me proper, lovely, delicious nougat! Now I realise that at least some of you can’t eat/ abide the stuff, but I love it and would never dream of buying it for myself (well, if I was where they made it well, which is where this came from, probably I would, but not otherwise).
I also have an unhealthy passion for good lakhoum. The cats used to buy that for me for Christmas… seems to have fallen by the way in recent years. Could it not have been the cats doing it after all?

What utter luxuries do you love but would never or very seldom buy?


Pringles. Horrid, nasty, over-processed, pressed dust … & irresistible. I have to not buy them if I’m to avoid being found in a dark corner surrounded by crumbs and empty card tubes.

OK. Not exactly a luxury, but …

Brandysnaps, as above.


If I bought a tub of taramasalata and a French baton as often as I felt like it, I would be a fevvery balloon.

Baked beans with cheddar melted into them.


Kendal Mint Cake. Specifically brown KMC and made by Rowneys.

In very, very small pieces at a time.


Proper Turkish Delight, preferably pistachio or rose.
Soo xx


Turkish Delight is ‘taken’, not in a medicinal way you’ll understand, one square per day. Mr Bee likes the icing sugar - I don’t, so I have the ‘baldiest’ bits. W#rks for us. When a friend visited, last week, I offered her some Turkish Delight. ‘I couldn’t possibly’, she exclaimed, but I confessed to having over 1kg of the stuff in the hive. She was so shocked she ate two squares!
Hardly a forbidden little delight, I s’pose, but we are restrained. I do have symapthy with Armers’ guilty little secret re Pringles - ghastly calorie consuming bits of compressed dust, but I really, really like them.
Soo xx


More than 1kg of it on the premises, you say? hmmmm…

Changing the subject completely, on these warm nights, you really should sleep with the windows open to help those headaches…


I do, when I might, Gus. But, the possibilty of incursions - considering the treasure within the hive - makes one cautious.
Soo xx


I have a penchant for butterscotch sweets

The hard crunchy ones

Salted caramel is another thing I am in luuurve with

I do like to have some essential oils around for use as air fresheners and just a bit of VLC

Lavender neroli and ylang ylang for preference


I shall take up your recommendations, Twellsy (oils-wise). Don’t understand ‘VLC’, mind you :slight_smile:
Soo xx


…Wot? I weren’t doin’ nuffink.


Sneaky little spadger.
The rest izzin the beely safe.
Soo xx


VLC should be TLC

The phone has its own ideas about what I want to say