Freddy: "How could I be so stupid?"


Chip of the old block?


Have to admit this is the first time I thought Freddie stepped up and took some ownership of the disaster which he begun.


Freddie couldn’t be expected to know that the liquor license depends on his not being in residence since no one had told him that before, could he? And Kenton seems to have forgotten that Elizabeth didn’t even ask for it to be renewed, so whether or not Freddie is there is irrelevant, isn’t it?


Janie, you’re attempting to apply logic and consistency to TA as currently produced. That way madness lies…


Kenton said that he would do it for her, at one point, but I don’t think we have ever heard that he made the application and they turned it down.


How would that work then? Would the Borsetshire Magistrates not notice the address was the same as the one they’d just cancelled if the name were different?


He could apply on her behalf, as her manager while she was undergoing medical treatment.

They didn’t cancel her licence; they suspended it until she had satisfied them that various things had been done to improve security (or some such: it was crap). She has carried out the work they required for its renewal, but didn’t ask to have it back and show them evidence that she’d installed CCTV in the toilets and whatever else it was they’d required as conditions.


Wasn’t Master Phil one of them, back in the days of yore, and surely (Shirley) The Borsetshire Magi would have pulled out all the stops (see what I did there?) in order to kow-tow to one of their own, and an Archer relative to boot!