Geography. Where have you lived?

No. Not the school subject complete with rainfall charts and grain harvest data, let alone leather patched elbows on teachers jackets.

Where are people from … where else has been graced by your presence ? (obviously, some may prefer to keep such matters to their selves).

I was born in Bolton, Lancs.

At 19 I went to University in Leeds and apart from long holidays never really lived in Bolton again.

I then got my first job after Graduation based on the Wirral, quite close to Chester. I lived almost Chester city centre … & a fine place it was, and is.

Bought my first house close to there, but in an affordable place … Mold, North Wales, then in the County of Clwyd. It’s also known as Yr Wyddgrug. I’ll give pronunciation lessons to anyone who wants it.

Later a move to Wrexham, a brief sojourn in Warrington (THE rainy area round there. Listen to no-one claiming Manchester is wet. Warrington beats it hands down. A weed in my back garden there was Marsh Grass, that spikey stuff with furry interiors. It was THAT wet).

After a period in Cheltenham it was back to time in Chester again, then Overtn0on-Dee - a lovely village South of Wrexham on the Shropshire border and for the past 20+ wood-chip impacted years a village on the Cheshire/Wrexham border.

I’ve worked in Italy, Israel, Holland and Ireland for long periods during that time & a while near Philadelphia.

Lots of good places, but I DO like Chester. Though, for my sins. I still, always will, follow Bolton Wanderers. We all have crosses to bear.

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Born Reading, lived since in York, Brighton, Lewes, Hull, Adderbury, London, Bristol and a village near High Wycombe, with short sojourns in other places.

My team was always the Magpies.

North London, South London, East London, Very West London i.e. a village near High Wycombe.

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So … London really !! :joy::joy:

Never lived there but spent 20 years to & from from Weybridge where my company’s head office was.

I wish I had done, maybe after the degree to enjoy it while I could still afford to live there & hadn’t got used to my money going further in the sticks.

My #2 son is there now. Lives in Wapping v near the river. Loving it.

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Born in a small town on an island off the east coast of Ireland…

Oh, all right then - Ipswich. :wink:

Since then, Manchester (all too briefly), Colchester (also briefly, but not briefly enough), London, then Clonmel, Waterford and now Carlow (basically all the bits Shankers avoided!)


Born in Newcastle, moved to Cheshire then Shropshire then Bournemouth. After childhood, Oxford then Northampton, Southampton, Florida, Hedge End, Romsey, Auckland, Denmark, Australia, Denmark and just about to move again. Many internal moves within each country as well.

Written down, it looks busier than it ever felt. I wonder if that is the same for everyone?


Wotcher Danzac. Good to see you.
Bluddy ell, You’ve got abaht a bit.
Me, Southeast London, Southeast London, Cambridge (briefly), Southeast London, Edinburgh (briefly), SE London/Herefordshire part time, South West London, South London, very-almost-central London, SE London, West London, mainly the Grand Union Canal for a bit, SE London…

So, as Armitage says above ‘London, really’ - but I’m entitled to express myself and bore the pants off everyone else if I feel inclined. I mean what can you do about it - ban me? Eviscerate my posts?

I don’t have a football team. My legacy team is Charlton Athletic, though I reckon that was just a ‘legacy’ for Dad too, as he really wasn’t interested.


Hello and welcome, much-travelled Rose!

[quote=“Gus, post:7, topic:58, full:true”]I don’t have a football team. My legacy team is Charlton Athletic, though I reckon that was just a ‘legacy’ for Dad too, as he really wasn’t interested.[/quote]I did live for a while within earshot of the West Ham ground. You could pretty much follow the action just by opening a window on match day.

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Well, feeling inadequate! Surrey, Norwich for university, back to another bit of Surrey then Somerset. Just accepted an offer on house and planning to move to

A house we’re building in the paddock!


Welcome Danzac! Have a chicken! :chicken: (Have to pad these messages to 20 characters somehow)


It wasn’t a criticism Gus. Honest. :innocent:

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Feeling even more inadequate here!

Born in Rochdale, moved back to Chesterfield (Derbyshire) when I was 2 & have lived here ever since .My mother was born in Chesterfield, & my father was born in Ireland . I have lots of cousins in Kilbrien/Ballinakill/Dungarvan/Waterford & another 4, with families in Co Mayo

I know Clonmel, & demand extra Brownie Points or Vodka for this… :wink:

I have a caravan in Southern Austria by a lake in Carinthia, from whence cometh my Board Name


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I did wonder about the name. I had a girlfriend from Wingerworth in Chesterfield. … and the family roots are Co. Mayo.

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Hi to all. Janie told me about this place. I am almost sure she offered cake and a Lakeland voucher as an inducement. Let’s say that she did and then hold her to it.

No reason for anyone to feel inadequate about staying in one place, although I know that wasn’t entirely serious. There are so many downsides to everything in life. And so many upsides. I’d do it all again. I expect most people would make similar choices, given their time again. Regrets are always very sad.


Have some virtual cake, then. This is luvverlee (I can take or leave cake, honest, but made this for a birthday cake for my worth-her-weight-in-gold administrator and it was a great success, lasting about ten minutes as the hyenas piled in).

They tried to send me to Hong Kong. I wasn’t having any of that, thank you very much, and don’t regret it in the least. Still have occasional nightmares about it.


Ha! Mexico City was my intended destination. Not my favourite city. :scream:

My father was involved in the setting up of the new university of Hong Kong. He seemed to enjoy it, but it was very Intense. (Actually that may have been what he enjoyed, now I come to think of it.)

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Nowt inadequate about Surrey Marjory. Not the parts I know well anyway … Weybridge, Walton, Esher & round to Carshalton. Very nice indeed.


A lot’s in my profile. Born Windsor, father local (nearby anyway), mother Irish and Essex antecedents but lived in Sarf London after her father died, lived in Berkshire until 18 (5-16 Wokingham), then London, Beds, Shropshire, Germany, Lincs, Fife, Ayrshire, Dublin, Bristol, Brighton, Lewes, Oxford, Galway, Exeter, Plymouth, Yorks (Wetherby), N Devon, in various combinations. But mind you, a lot were close and didn’t mean a change of employment, and some were gaps between fixed contracts. I’m off down the cellar for a couple or so, or am I already down there? It’s hard to tell sometimes. Feeling better, Gus?