Good Lord! Dopey


talking some sense!

And Ruth backing him up!

Am I asleep and dreaming?


And he even made a little joke tonight. Possibly I am giving him undue credit and it was an accident; but when Josh said ‘Calving?!’ in tones of trepidatious horror, Dayveed responded 'You know the ropes". Yes, it probably was an accident, on reflection.

Jill is 94 insane.


Are you perhaps mixing her up with Peggy? Jill’s a mere stripling of 87


Or did you simply mean “Jill is insane”?


Nope. It was a lighthearted 'omage to Private Eye. Tchah, pearls before swine…


I’m not going to allow myself to be too happy about their daring to utter the slightest teeniest criticism of Pip out of her hearing. If they confront the presumptuous little madam then I will jump for joy.

Oh, and sorry to be a wet blanket, but I do wish they had contradicted her and said that her being pregnant will indeed make a difference to the business and not allowed her instead to ride roughshod over Ruth’s reasonable concern as to whether now is a good time to renew the dairy parlour. Pip is already costing them more in wages for casual labour to do her job for her. Not to mention they are now heaping more work on poor old Josh, who once again has to pay for his sister’s folly and even gets told off for eating too much cake.

(Normally I wouldn’t sympathise that much with Josh, he’d be just as bad as Pip given half a chance, only he’s not the favoured one.)

Will Ben be expected to put aside his A levels for Pip’s sake, I wonder, or whatever exams he’s doing this year.


Probably. They made him share a room before, after all, in order to make room for Bert – who could just as well have gone and stayed with his son whilst the bungalow was being renovated after the flood.

Um. Ben, born 15th March, 2002, will be taking his GCSEs this summer I suppose. Having a baby about the place will be just what he needs to help with his studies.


If the baby, if baby there be (yup, I’m in denial here) is confined to Rickyard and with its mother responsible for its care (definitely in denial) it shouldn’t have much of an impact on Ben. Anyway, he’s ‘artistic’. No need to revise for Art, is there? :wink:


Profound apostrophes. Am suffering some sort of mild general embuggerance and am consequently a bit slow.


pore joe. Get thee over to the Cellar for a medicinal and sympathy and disembuggeration.