seems to think that “sloppy seconds” is an accolade rather than anything in the least distasteful.


You lost me at “think”


She does seem remarkably thick.

Also nasty: knowing that someone is interested in a different woman, she has chosen to screw with him rather than any other possible candidate. Why?


The only good thing in prospect is the possibility that she’s about to lose her job and will depart again. What on earth happened to her while she was away? I remember her being one of the few characters who managed to combine being pleasant and sensible. Is there something inherent in transatlantic farming that turns people into controlling gits?


In her last incarnation, she took a fancy to Chris Carter and - if I recall correctly - when she was told he was in a relationship with Alice, didn’t care and made a play for him anyway. So it’s not as if she was angelic before. But I agree, not as awful as now.

And isn’t there bad blood between her and Tom, which makes it all the harder to understand her friendliness to him now? I don’t mean it makes it harder to understand their shagging each other; that’s a good old soapy theme, the sexual tension between two apparent adversaries. I mean her friendliness to him from the start, all that blokey banter. After all, was his behaviour not responsible for her leaving Ambridge before? I forget the details, but he blamed her for something that was not her fault. Helen took Hannah’s side - any excuse to give Tom a bollocking. Never works the other way round, does it. For all his Twonkiness, he is stupidly loyal to his appalling sister. Never a word against her even now when she is openly sabotaging his plans.


There is probably some subconscious and deeply Freudian reason for my reading that as ‘openly sabotaging his pants’…


If only someone would!


Yes, she did make a pass at Chris Carter, but he really wasn’t interested.

Then she did as Tom’s senior partner Brian asked her about something, and Tom (because it was something he and Brian were arguing about) did his block and tore her off an almighty strip, then sulked at her for a week or two, and she decided to leave Ambridge.

The bad blood still existed when she had come back ten years later, I think: she made it clear he was not of interest at some point after her recent arrival, though I can’t remember exactly how or when.

Maybe the using him and then casting him aside like a used tissue stuff is revenge.


Joe was busy.





In typo veritas:

[Hannah’s] mum always said to never work with pleasure.