Harrison's board game


I hadn’t heard of it, so in case anyone else was curious:

Summary: It seems to be a cross between Civilisation and Hunger Games part 2.


There are other, better games for the pub, in case Kenton gets ideas.


There are definitely games better suited to play in a pub – that have the advantage of still being in production in more than an expensive 30th anniversary edition.


Yep, £31.99 on Amazon.


Which is cheaper than a lot of games, but perhaps not a casual buy for a pub that isn’t really interested.


Sounds like Shaw was right…


Genyouuuwine question:

Are many board games played in pubs these days ?



I have seen lots of games sitting in pubs in a corner, not seen one in actual use.


I have been known to play a board game in a pub. I’ve even taken my own! But I may be in the minority.


The quality of game available in the local here is not high.



It is a very long time since I went to a pub on a regular basis, & even then, here, in the Wild East Midlands it was mainly Darts, Cribbage, Dominoes & possibly a disgustingly greasy pack of cards wot was available.No board games as such

‘Food’ was interesting too- a filled white bread roll -called a ‘Cob’ here, sitting under a clear plastic dome…



Still not bagged the muntjac, then?


Depends a lot on the pub. In somewhere like Oxford, practically any decent pub will have a few games in the corner and they’ll get used moderately often. Near home, not so much.


Bad joe. No game pie.


There are sometimes Awful People playing Performance Scrabble ( like performance parenting - done for the audience) at a relatively local pub. Which I avoid.