Has there been any reaction from the Nuffield Foundation

…to the (presumably) inaccurate portrayal of their scholarship scheme in TA? I can’t imagine serial failure Tom doing much to enhance their reputation:

  • Started with organic pap—an already crowded sector. Moreover, one of the major suppliers in Europe (and I believe now worldwide) is based at Henley-on-Thames, so why all the foreign jollies, sorry field research?

  • Next it was fermented foods, swiftly narrowed down to kefir, then abandoned

  • Now it’s trees*

I can’t believe any of their scholars would chop and change direction that randomly. Surely the offer of a scholarship would be dependent on a credible research proposal?

As if that weren’t bad enough, we’re supposed to believe that Gnasher is one of their big successes and an example to all.

*For the pigs to nest in?