“He knows you”


“And respects you”

Er, no, Emma - this is Helen you’re talking about.


One could I s’pose respect Helen’s handiness with a knife. But Helen as a person? What’s there to respect? Her unwavering devotion to a horrible cheese that nobody likes?


But he clearly knows nothing.

Does the new ‘Clair’s Law’ apply to men enquiring about women too ?

If nothing else, the fact that she’s produced a barely functioning 8yr kld with the mental capacity & social skills of a 3 year old aardvark would have be running for the hills.


That pesky autocorrect again, eh? But then again, she probably spends more time with the cheese than with Henwy. Well, it’s bwighter and more wewarding, I do see that.


Clare’s Law does apply equally, Armers. But I’m pretty sure you knew that, you know.